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Weis the greatest solution with a decentralised and totally transparent platform for social media and digital marketing services.
This solution is based on Blockchain Ethereum which is nearly impossible to eliminate.

What is Weis?

Weis aims to provide social media and digital marketing services to provide more awareness of cryptocurrencies and how we will reform a user friendly platform to filter the huge amount of information available to those entering the crypto market and to those already operating within it.

Ethereum smart contract technology will be used to provide a streaming media platform designed to put new and emerging talent shoulder to shoulder with established artists and household names, and in turn bringing more users and awareness to crypto.

  • Weis Media
    Using our expertise in social media marketing we will provide a fresh approach to marketing cryptocurrencies across a wide range of social network platforms.

  • Weis Hub
    A social media hub that integrates crypto based information and chair into one easy to use App for the new and experienced crypto user.

  • Weis Play
    A multimedia streaming platform that will provide fresh content to users building on our experience within the music and entertainment industry.




How to Participate?

Contract Address gets changed on regular basis for security purposes.
ICO Contract Address: 0x6c7c82EA5176acd8388c860aD915a2cb237798Aa
Minimum Investment: 0.1 ETH
Maximum Investment: 100 ETH
Recommended Gas Limit: 150000

Please make sure that the wallet address supports ERC20 tokens.
Recommended Wallets: MyEtherWallet.com & MetaMask

Do not send funds from your Exchange wallets.
You can check our guide to learn how to use MyEtherWallet.com

Weishub Output Percentages

Weis Token Option Weis Token Value
PRE-SALE 15.05-15.06
ICO 20.06-20.07
Weis Token Supply 17.760.000
Soft Cap $1.7m
Participation ETH
Token's Standart ERC-20
Unsold Tokens Will be burned

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Team

Finlay Robinson

CEO The former Production and Licensing manager at Yedioth Tel Aviv and has now founded WeisHub. Finlay will bring a wealth of Social Media and Digital Marketing expertise to the WeisHub to build a solid infrastructure and process map before WeisHub commence employing staff. Finlay is a sales professional who has previously worked with brands such as Tnuva, Prigat and Roladin. But surprisingly he is interested in cyrptocurrency world. Finlay was also an established actor and has appeared in Channel 23. He will be a leading a team of Growth Experts, Social Media Experts and Project Managers to deliver all Weis Media projects.

Chaviv Ephron

Product designer Chaviv is the founder and head of two successful technology companies within web design and digital marketing industries. He also has a designer background in Ukraine. He designes tech products from ground up and constantly working on a solutions that will make digital marketing better and simpler for all.

Daniel Golan

CTO Daniel is experienced in developing in JavaScript, PHP/HTML, Python, C++ and a host of other languages. He writes applications for both desktop and mobile and will be the lead developer for WeisHub and WeisPlay. He has also been heavily involved in the cryto market since 2013. He can be regarded as a crypto veteran and has significant experience as a large scale miner, trader and advisor to new traders and investors entering the market. His skills and experience will be crucial in ensuring WeisHub meets its aims and objectives and ultimately delivers profitability for investors.

Elisheva Rubinowitz

Media Manager Blockchain evangelist, inspiring and being inspired with revolutionizing an cyrptocurrency world. The key area of Elisheva’s expertise, managing great mobile and web products, helps her to help directing the team on the way of linking social media and cyrptocurrency world with an exciting experience for people.

Elon Poraz

Data analyst After finishing the service as an assistant at Hello Games, Elon directed his efforts towards cryptocurrency world. More than 3 years he is acting as an independent legal advisor for a big variety of startups through the world, namely in digital marketing, game development and e-gaming industries. With versatile background in law and unquenchable enthusiasm which Stifler brought to our team we are more than ready to dive deep into the uncertain legal waters of todays' ICO world.

Yael Mayer

Social Media Specialist Critically acclaimed award winning artist, music & media business entrepreneur. Her career began signing to Hed Arzi Music in 2006 with her group. She later secured a label deal via way of SEP Media to set up records primarily as an outlet for cutting edge artists from the world of Hip Hop. In 2013 she set up Yedioth Tel Aviv as a forward thinking hub to house all areas of her music and media businesses. She will be bringing her expertise, contacts, music and media industry experience to she WeisHub team to shelp and support she acquisition of content and she development of Weis Play originals.

Eliran Cotwell

Architect Eliran is an experienced developer and architect. He has 8 years of experience in these fields. He is also a digital content marketing enthusiast with advanced mathematical skills. ICO expert, 1+ year in preparing and launching ICOs, 2+ years in cryptocurrency trading. He will handle the business architecture of the project.

Aaron Shabat

Strategy Analyst Aaron is a serial entrepreneur and blockchain expert, had a position of Business Development manager at a company in Ashdod. Worked on the tokenization and strategic management. He is responsible for the strategy development of the project. Before all, he had been engaged in web-marketing for more than 7 years.

Joseph Levit

Advisor A highly skilled researcher in both academia and the finance industry. Holds an MBA and has a diverse experience as manager of projects as well as people. A true leader that fosters a collaborative team environment and leads people to deliver results and achieve strategic goals. Proven ability to quickly understand complex technical and scientific problems in order to coordinate multiple projects with cross-functional activities.


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